SGMA Resources

Public Forum hosted by DWR: Managed Groundwater Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Management, November 2017: Meeting materials, including a video recording and presentation are available online at above link.

Union of Concerned Scientists’ Getting Involved in Groundwater: A Guide to California’s Groundwater Sustainability Plans

State Water Resources Control Board Intervention Fees for Unmanaged Portions of Groundwater Basins: See the Fact Sheet: Draft Emergency Regulation for State Intervention Fees

DWR’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Program

DWR’s Groundwater Information Center — a portal for groundwater information, groundwater management plans, water well basics, and statewide and regional reports, maps, and figures

Interagency Sustainable Groundwater Management Brochure

Water Education Foundation — The 2014 SGMA: A Handbook to Understanding and Implementing the Law 

Stanford | Water in the West — To Consolidate or Coordinate: Status of the Formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in California — this report provides a preliminary look at whether local agencies are pursuing consolidate (single GSA) or coordinated (multiple GSA) approaches to managing groundwater basins, and why.  Yolo County is highlighted as one of the case studies!

Stanford | Water in the West — Research Brief on California’s New Landscape for Groundwater Management 

California Water Foundation — Know Your Options: A Guide to Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies 

Designing Effective Groundwater Sustainability Agencies: Criteria for Evaluation of Local Governance Options

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